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Wow, just woke from a crazy dream

Some sort of entity had crawled in bed with me,
strong and supple, and shaped like a very tall
and muscular woman. It pressed against me, our
arms around and all over each other, and it kissed
me. Violent, almost painful waves of weakness
surged through me immediately. I opened my
eyes, and saw this shadowy, writhing figure,
shot with red flickerings. I couldn't breathe,
and could hardly move, but I forced my numb hands
under its chin and shoved upward. The suction
broke, and its mouth left mine, trailing a stream
of rushing, bluish-white energy between us as it
snarled. I *still* couldn't breathe, and was
trying to wake from the dream, but knew that I'd
have to get the thing off me before I could wake.
I managed to get my palms into the hollows where
its eyes should be, and pushed backward, and the
stream of energy broke, and the thing made this
rushing scream, and I woke, and finally took a
big breath, my throat still tight and my heart

Much more exciting than the dream I had the
other day, wherein I was in an outdoor lit-
erature class reading some epic Victorian
poem, complete with woodcuts. The teacher
was explaining about the Ogre named Push
Button Shove, who had tried to kill the main
character of the poem, and was not to be
confused with the character of the Assassin,
who came later in the tale.
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