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"...torn to pieces by rabid penguins"

The Great Freeze of Ought-Seven seems to be near its
thawy end. Everything is melting, causing severe
flooding of Biblical proportions. Soon we shall build
an Ark. The neighbour ladies have drowned.

There is a time vortex in our garage. zombro travelled
to 1947 and brought back a newspaper. It is the nature
of the reconstitutional quarkian geostatic travel process
that things become yellowed when travelling to the future.
zombro looks like a Chinaman, now. In 1947, the Austin
American existed, and Truman was President. In the bottom
left there is an article instructing people about hand
signals for making turns in an automobile.

I took pictures of the third type of wallpaper in the
house, in the guest bathroom, which exerts an obfuscatory
mind-cloud affect via mould spores, that helps it hide.
It is boring compared to the other two patterns, but must
be shown for historical documentary purposes. That picture
in the upper left came with the wallpaper, and I have been
told that a string depending from it, when pulled, makes
the picture play a tune. I have not tested this, as I fear
I would become possessed by malevolent forces.

Zombie Orville Redenbacher animated and selling popcorn again in television ads

Head transplants are a thing of the past

Lip Venom is a spicy, tingly gloss that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation with a blend of essential oils including cinnamon and ginger. The result: shiny, bee-stung lips - I first read about this on bad_sex. It sounds better than the Kama Sutra's recommendation of using bee sting poultices to increase penile girth...

Thermit-Eisblock boomboom - (Deutschland science vid)

SCUBA diving dog and cat - (vid)
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