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The wind blew so hard today that some areas
around where I live lost electrical power.
As far as I was concerned, though, it was
just a beautiful, windy day, and I enjoyed
it by opening the doors and windows.

This natural catastrophe was as nothing to
the hail storm that recently hit everywhere
around my neighbourhood, punching holes
through windows, gutters, chicken coops, and
windshields, as well as denting cars all
around town. Some of the hailstones were
as large as baseballs. Again, I merely en-
joyed the day with open doors and windows.

The CopStop ice cream at Amy's Ice Cream is
coffee ice cream & real chunks of doughnut.
It's delcious. I also think the coffee fla-
vour is authentic, based on what my urine
smelled like later.

The alcoholic Grasshopper ice cream is also
extremely delicious, and so alcoholy that
the ice cream is extremely soft.

The Pita Pit also finally has two delicious
locations now established in Austin, one
downtown, and one near campus.

This is the only thing that stands between us
and alien invasion. And I missed its passover
tonight, darnit! :-/

TimeWarner to implement tiered bandwidth usage in the rest of Texas soon - monitoring to start in April

Texas Board of Education had their vote, and I'm unclear what the result was - But the zealot isn't happy, so I guess that's a good thing. More explanation on arstechnica here.

West Virginia (and other States) considering drug testing for people recieving unemployment or food benefits

Paper dinosaurs are dying - "The outlook is so grim that the American Society of Newspaper Editors, a membership organization for daily newspaper editors, canceled its annual convention in April after deciding that "the challenges editors face at their newspapers demand their full attention.""

The United States has no real disposal plan for its nuclear waste
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Cop Stop is my all-time favorite ice cream concept. I'm not normally a fan of cake doughnuts, but it's really the only kind that would hold up in ice cream.
Pre-occupied as I was with standing and talking,
I didn't even realise it was cake doughnut. Usu-
ally, I don't like that type, either. It's an
amusing concept, for sure. :)
I haven't been to Pita Pit yet for lunch, I keep meaning to. It's been on the Drag for some time now.

As for my car, *sigh* someday soon, I hope to have her back. She really took a beating. I got the insurance check yesterday.
Oh, the Pita Pit is simply awesome. I first dis-
covered them in Toronto, and I've been getting
food from the one near campus for years. They
are back to being corporate now, apparently,
instead of franchise, but the food from the
new one downtown is just as good.

I hope you get your car back soon!
I thought of you a few weeks ago when I drove by the Pita Pit. lol

apparently the hail storm totally missed us, I didn't even know about it. looking through the photos online it definitely went far enough north, but I guess just went more west than we are. glad it missed us since my car isn't actually in the garage.

makes me hate Time Warner just a little bit more. I already cancelled cable with them after 3 weeks because the service sucked so bad. Less channels and more than we paid in Houston. sadly we're still using them for internet because there weren't really any other choices. guess it's time to go find one.
is the Pita Pit as good as an "authentic" Greek/Middle Eastern restaurant?
we're looking at changing ISP to earthlink. I refuse to pay per GB, I left that bullshit behind 13 years ago in the Third World.
Really? I thought the current U.S. bandwidth statistics had us right on par with some third world countries. Wasn't that why internet infrastructure was part of the Stim until the GOP neutered it? Maybe when John Bohner is paying per GB things might change.
Pita Pit is totally white man's food. It's
like the Subway of pitas & gyros. But in a
yummy way.

I recently learned that Australia has that
tiered capping, too. I can't imagine how
TW thinks *decreasing* its already shitty
service is going to please customers. Can
we get some fiber optic cable in this town,
Infrastructure in the USA is so woefully inferior to most other developed countries. NZ laid fibre optic cable everywhere in the 1980s.
I'm so glad my ISP hasn't placed a cap on my service yet. Or maybe I'm just greatful that I haven't hit the cap. Cause when I do, I'm gonna f'n blow!

The nuclear waste issue is one that was weighing on my mind when McCain kept trumpeting extensive reactor construction till 2050. Just because it's carbon free the populace is told it doesn't have any toxic byproducts. People are stupid. It's like getting something for nothing. There is always a catch, and it usually involves a well endowed entity who is running low on lube.